7%), and finally (iii) ESTs (20 3%) with no significant similarit

7%), and finally (iii) ESTs (20.3%) with no significant similarity to any sequences deposited in GenBank using the default parameters (i.e., Blosum62 matrix and expected threshold of 10) that were, so forth, defined as ‘no hit’ sequences (Table 1). From this point, only the group of 140 ESTs presenting sequence similarity to known sequences considered Cisplatin supplier as valid for the functional annotation, also referred as “hit sequences”, were included in the functional annotation describe hereupon. All obtained clusters were deposited in the EST database

of GenBank (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/dbEST) under accession numbers GenBank ID: JK811213, JK811214, JK811215, JK811216, JK811217, JK811218, JK811219, JK811220, JK811221, JK811222, JK811223, JK811224, JK811225, JK811226, JK811227, JK811228, JK811229, JK811230, JK811231, JK811232, JK811233, JK811234, JK811235, JK811236, JK811237, JK811238, JK811239, JK811240, JK811241, JK811242, JK811243,

Y-27632 cell line JK811244, JK811245, JK811246, JK811247, JK811248, JK811249, JK811250, JK811251, JK811252, JK811253, JK811254, JK811255, JK811256, JK811257, JK811258, JK811259, JK811260, JK811261, JK811262, JK811263, JK811264, JK811265, JK811266, JK811267, JK811268, JK811269, JK811270, JK811271, JK811272, JK811273, JK811274, JK811275, JK811276, JK811277, JK811278, JK811279, JK811280, JK811281, JK811282, JK811283, JK811284, JK811285, JK811286, JK811287, JK811288, JK811289, JK811290, JK811291, JK811292, JK811293, JK811294, JK811295, JK811296, JK811297, JK811298, JK811299, JK811300, Megestrol Acetate JK811301, JK811302, JK811303,

JK811304, JK811305, JK811306, JK811307, JK811308, JK811309, JK811310, JK811311, JK811312, JK811313, JK811314, JK811315, JK811316, JK811317, JK811318, JK811319, JK811320, JK811321, JK811322, JK811323, JK811324, JK811325, JK811326, JK811327, JK811328, JK811329, JK811330, JK811331, JK811332, JK811333, JK811334, JK811335, JK811336, JK811337, JK811338 and JK811339. Later the clusters analysis provides complete open reading frames (ORFs) comprising the assembled sequences GenBank ID: JK811213, JK811214, JK811215, JK811216, JK811217, JK811218, JK811219, JK811220, JK811221, JK811222 and JK811223 (dermorphins) and GenBank ID: JK811224, JK811225, JK811226 and JK811227 (dermaseptins), which were deposited in GenBank under ID: JX127157, JX127158, and JX127159 respectively. Another complete open reading frames of clusters of protease inhibitors (P01, PI02, and P03), S100 like proteins (CP01 and CP560), and bradykinin-related peptides (BK01 and BK02), tryptophyllin (TP02) also was deposited in GenBank ID: JX879762, JX879763, JX879764, JX879760, JX879761, JX879758, JX879759, and JX879757, respectively. The functional annotation led tothe clustering of 140 ESTs in 8 contigs containing 42 ESTs, and the remaining 98 were singlets.

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