(PDF 106 KB) Additional file 2: Table S3 Proteins over-expressed

(PDF 106 KB) Additional file 2: Table S3. Proteins over-expressed in L. sakei MF1053. Presents #click here randurls[1|1|,|CHEM1|]# the identification and characteristics of protein spots over-expressed in L. sakei MF1053 compared to the other L. sakei strains in this study. (PDF 42 KB) References 1. Katagiri H, Kitahara K, Fukami K: The characteristics of the lactic acid bacteria isolated from moto, yeast mashes for sake manufacture. Part IV. Classification of the lactic acid bacteria. Bulletin of Agricultural and Chemical Society of Japan 1934, 10:156–157. 2. Klaenhammer T, Altermann E, Arigoni F, Bolotin A, Breidt F, Broadbent J, Cano R, Chaillou S, Deutscher J, Gasson M, Guchte M, Guzzo J, Hartke A, Hawkins

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